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Reliance provides complete and precision prototype solutions. We offer 3D printing technology prototype services, using the newest technology and processes. Our experience and expertise provide critical insight in verifying component design and performance.

Reliance can create both metal and plastic model of your part utilizing the 3D printing and CNC technology. These technologies allow our customers to have good sample parts in their hands within days for testing and product functional analysis and approval. This capability allows for fewer design changes, better product designs and a shorter lead-time to get the product to the market.

Our prototyping process builds durable and functional prototype samples that can withstand rigorous testing and does not warp or shrink, making them great for testing form, fit and function. Our prototypes also lend itself to being drilled, tapped, threaded, sanded, painted, vacuum metalized and polished.

The inexpensive and rapid development of 3D printed prototypes greatly reduces the design-to-production time and allow much higher Return-on-Investment.

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