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Our engineering staff assists customers to develop successful production of their components. Each of our project engineers is assigned to every customer project, and from concept through production, our staff works with the customer to ensure complete program success.

There is no finer Master Engineer than at Reliance—recognized as a leading manufacturer of custom parts from concept to realization, and specializing in product development in most industries.

This expertise incorporates multiple projects where total component interchangeability, standardization and dimensional accuracy are critical requirements.

Reliance utilizes leading edge technologies, coupled with master craftsmanship to produce superior quality parts. Providing the highest quality product is our standard, and as a result, the optimal level of quality is reflected in the finished goods.


  • 2D Part Design

  • 3D Part Design

  • AutoCAD Design

  • Solidworks Design

  • Moldflow Analysis

  • DFM Reports

  • MFA Reports

  • Weekly Progress Reports

  • Trial Reports

  • Quality Checks

  • Tool Validation

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