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Reliance Design & Manufacturer Corp (Reliance) is a division of Reliance Corporation, a total manufacturing solution company that offers custom design, product development, engineering, mold building, production manufacturing, assembly, and logistics services, with operation facilities in the US, Taiwan, and China.

We service our customers worldwide with a combination of technology and craftsmanship, offering the highest quality end to end manufacturing solutions services to our customers, with reliable tools and parts, using the latest plastic injection molding technology, and our 45 years of manufacturing experience and innovation.

Working under exacting standards for precision, with a solid obligation to on-time delivery, Reliance is a premier contract manufacturer of custom components, sub-assemblies, and fully kitted devices for any industries. With facilities in Taiwan and China, as well as sale and distribution offices in Los Angeles, CA, Reliance serves the critical needs of businesses worldwide while being close to the major city in the US. Because we manufacture tools and parts for various industries, and other products that allow for new technologies, our commitment to accuracy and efficiency are a must!! We have the people, products, and performance to not only produce your products, but to do so utilizing the latest fabrication techniques. 

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