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​Maintaining a consistent production process is probably the most critical factor in the overall scope of providing world-class products. This is accomplished by utilizing the newest programmable microprocessor controlled machinery available, and equipped with the latest in technology equipment and staff; our manufacturing plant can handle even the most difficult projects.

Our depth of experience can be seen in our ability to design and manufacture parts with most types of filled and unfilled engineering, commodity, even custom-blended materials.

Our assembly team pride themselves on their ability to identify and eliminate waste in the product line. Helping customers to bring their world class products to market first in this global economy is our primary goal.

Assembly operations can provide a way of getting products to market more quickly as well as reducing up-front costs associated with complex features. Reliance provides complete assemblies or sub-assemblies using a wide range of assembly techniques.

Our value-added services mean less work for our customers. By combining decorating and assembly services with molding operations, we can streamline the steps necessary to get to a completed part or assembly.

Post molded decorating and secondary operations can improve aesthetics, provide instructional detail to a product and can reduce up-front tooling costs associated with adding functional or visual features.

Keeping these Secondary Operations in-house provides us with better control over quality, delivery and cost. Our trained professionals are skilled in all aspects of handling plastic molded product.


  • Injection Molding

  • Die Casting

  • Sand Casting

  • Investment Casting

  • Extrusion

  • Stamping

  • Secondary Operation

  • Wood Products

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