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Reliance specialized in engineering, contract manufacturing, and plastics injection molding since 2000. We provide industrial design services that optimizes the function, value, and appearance; engineering services to validate products for full-scale manufacturing capability; computer generated 3D rapid prototyping for representations of products and packaging; production services providing the consistent high quality products with on-time delivery; packaging design offering various methods to fit different industry needs; and logistics service that includes import, export, warehousing, and distribution.

Our professional staffs of Design Engineers provide customers with the innovative ideas they need to ensure their product's success. With our Solidworks, UG, CAD/CAM software, the integrity of the part data is maintained throughout the entire process. After creating a solid model of the product, the detail is printed with the latest technology of 3D rapid prototyping equipment. The final part is then measured and compared to the original part file with our CMM and other measuring gauges and tools.


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