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Reliance supply high quality molds for various processes to satisfy customer’s needs, our capacity of resource integration and outstanding engineering allow us to achieve an accurate assembly in terms of multiple materials are involved in a project.   

We use the highest standard to examine our work, with the state-of-the-art machining equipment and persistently learning, we dedicate ourselves to provide the best solutions to meet the core value of every project for our customer.

Starting with a manufacturability check, we make sure our customer has explicit understanding on mold plan and every step ahead. During mold construction, we keep our customer posted on building progress by sending report weekly, pictures and videos. We are very serious to every mold trial. Where there’s an issue, there’s a way as our engineering team and professionals will come up with any potential possibility.

Our forty-year experience and expertise in mold construction, custom plastic injection molding and stamping set us apart in the industry and allow us to be a select vendor for medical components, sports protective gears, automotive and aerospace.

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